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ProMax Lipo – Lymington

With the ProMax Lipo we can offer treatments for:

  • Inch loss
  • Body contouring
  • Cellulite
  • Face and body skin tightening
  • Dermal volumising

ProMax Lipo is a clinically proven procedure which breaks down fat cells, smooths cellulite and improves general skin laxity.

This non-surgical alternative to liposuction is designed to tackle any areas of stubborn fat, especially those abdominal areas unresponsive to exercise, helping you to achieve a slimmer waistline whilst improving the general tightness and appearance of your skin.

Unlike laser lipo and other body contouring treatments, the ProMax Lipo uses a mixture of 3 different technologies to penetrate deep into the target area, sending shock waves to disturb the fat cells, making them easier to remove and break down.

5 Benefits of the Lynton ProMax Lipo

  1. The power of 3 – three revolutionary technologies come together to deliver unrivalled body shaping and fat reduction treatments.
  2. Non-invasive treatment – ProMax Lipo doesn’t require any anaesthetic and has no associated downtime; you can even pop in for treatment on a lunch break or on your way home from work.
  3. Pain free – most people are worried about the pain associated with fat reduction. Don’t worry, this is an entirely pain free treatment with only a mild heating sensation experienced.
  4. Award-winning – the ProMax Lipo is supplied by the multi- award-winning technology brand, Lynton, who have won numerous awards for their innovative aesthetic equipment and clinical results.
  5. Instant results – the ProMax Lipo can treat all skin types and has also been shown to provide instant


In this treatment, multipolar radiofrequency and vacuum massage technology are utilised. Using controlled waves of energy to heat the fat cells boosts circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases the metabolism of fat cells.

The thermal energy also results in instant collagen contraction and creates long-term improvement to collagen fibres for firmer, tighter skin.

Vacuum massage technology provides powerful lymphatic drainage to process the lipids released during cavitation and remove toxins to improve the appearance of cellulite.

How many sessions will I need?

Generally, a course 8-10 treatments for the reduction of cellulite is recommended. Treatments are carried out every 4 weeks. Thereafter, top-up sessions are performed as required, but usually once or twice a year

Fat Loss

Perfect for stubborn areas of fat that prove unresponsive to exercise, including that on the abdomen, upper arms and outer thighs.

How does ProMax Lipo work for fat loss?

Ultrasonic cavitation technology is utilised for fat reduction treatments. Sound waves penetrate deep into the fat layer causing vibrations and the formation of micro bubbles within the interstitial fl uid. As these bubbles collapse, the resulting shock wave leads to a temporary change in the fat cell membrane. This allows lipids to escape the cell and be ejected from the body.

How many sessions will I need?

Generally, a course of 6-8 sessions is recommended for facial skin tightening and a series of 8-10 treatments for the reduction of cellulite or slimming.

Facial Skin Tightening

How does the Promax Lipo treatment for facial skin tightening and dermal volumising work?

ProMax utilises safe and effective Radiofrequency technology. The Radiofrequency energy is applied to the skin, causing gentle heating. This stimulates a process often referred to as ‘wound healing’. The heat is recognised by the brain which then signals cells in the deeper layers of your skin to produce collagen and elastin.

Over time, collagen and elastin grows and your skin will start to tighten, looking fresher and smoother. ProMax is particularly effective on fine lines, lower face slackness and for overall skin tightening. We can also target areas of concern such as around the eyes, mouth or jawline.

How many sessions will I need?

Generally, a course of 6 to 8 treatments is recommended at 2-3 weekly intervals. After a course of treatments, results are expected to last 1 to 2 years, however we do recommend maintenance sessions once every 1-3 months.

ProMax Lipo prices

  • Body Solutions
    Cellulite, Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening
    1 A4 sized area – 15-20 minute treatment time
    Single Session£80
    Course of 4 (10% off course of 4) £288
    Course of 8 (20% off course of 8) £510

    2 A4 sized area – 30-40 minute treatment time
    Single Session£120
    Course of 4 (10% off course of 4) £432
    Course of 8 (20% off course of 8) £770

  • Facial Treatments
    Small Area (Eyes & Mouth)
    Single Session£50
    Course of 6£240

    Half Face
    Single Session£80
    Course of 6£385

    Full Face
    Single Session£110
    Course of 6£530

    Face & Neck
    Single Session£140
    Course of 6£675

    Face, Neck, Décolleté
    Single Session£220
    Course of 6£995