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Dermal Filler

Dermal filler is made up of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that is already found in our skin. The treatments should last 6-12 months depending on the individual and 4 monthly top ups are advised to maintain best results.

Cheek Filler

Over time we loose the natural volume and plumpness in are face and cheek area causing the skin to droop and the face to look withdrawn. Injecting Dermal Filler into this area is an amazing way to bring back the fullness, lifting the check area and surrounding skin giving a much more youthful look. We can also inject filler into the cheekbone area, giving that amazing sharp ‘insta’ finish. For cheek filler the soft cannula technique is used. This is the safest way to administer the product to help avoid vascular occlusion. Instead of using the traditional sharp needle the soft cannula is a longer blunt needle that is passed into the skin via a small hole, the blunt cannula then passes through the tissue delivering the product without puncturing the blood vessels.

Jaw Filler

Filler is placed along the jaw line enhancing this area giving you a more defined look. As cheek filler above, we use the safe soft cannula technique for this treatment. Please note that this treatment is only suitable for the average to low BMI client. If you are one of our lovely rounded clients unfortunately the filler will just not hold and give any results.

Chin Filler

Filler can be used to plump out the chin completely changing someone’s profile and putting balance back into the face. This treatment can also be used to fill out a ‘bum chin’ or any dimples in the chin area.

Marionette / Nose To Mouth Lines

Filler can be added to these areas to reduce the appearance of these common lines. It is advised to also have cheek filler when treating these areas as it can be the lack of volume in the mid face that’s actually causing the nose to mouth and marionette lines to develop.

Facial Filler prices

Cheek, Jaw & Chin Filler

  • £185
  • £295
  • £390
  • £485
  • £605
  • £775

Marionette / Nose to Mouth Lines Filler prices

  • £195
    Single area
  • £315
    Both areas

The Sharp Fix Filler Packages

  • £745
    5ml Facial filler & 1.1ml Revolax lip filler
  • £385
    2ml Cheek filler & nose / mouth lines
  • £470
    3ml Cheek filler & nose / mouth lines

Cheek Filler Gallery

Cheek filler is key! 

When treating most lower face concerns, it’s normally cheek filler that’s needed before considering anything else! 

In this case we use 3mls into the cheeks and 1ml into the actual nose to mouth lines 

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Jaw Filler Gallery

Chin Filler Gallery

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