Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Lip Filler injections hurt?

    Everyone reacts to the treatments differently and it all depends on your own pain threshold. You can feel it yes, but it is not unbearable.

    Emla numbing cream is used for all Lip Filler injections. Lidocaine is mixed in with the filler products so this also numbs the area as it is injected.

  • How much filler?

    For lip filler treatments we always recommend 1ml to start off with. It dosnt matter if you have naturally big lips – you will need the volume to fill the tissue to make a difference. Or if you have no lips – 1ml is a good amount to create shape and volume. We never normally advise 1.5ml in one go but if you have previously had filler and we feel there is enough room to put that much filler in, it can be done.

    We only ever recommend 0.5ml as a top up if you already have filler in your lips. This is a very small amount and does tend to dissolve into the tissue very quickly once the swelling goes down if you have no previous filler for it to sit on.

    For Russian lips we recommend 1ml for small to average natural lips and 1.5-2ml for large natural lips.

    For cheek filler we normally recommend 2-4mls depending on your current cheek volume and your desired look.

    Jaw filler we normally recommend 3-4ml again depending on your current jaw line.

    Chin Filler we recommend 1ml treatments

  • Do I need a consultation?

    This all depends on what treatment your are interested in and if you have had the treatment before. A consultation gives you the client a chance to ask any questions and learn more about the treatments offered before booking in. A consultation also gives us a chance to see the treatment area in person and advise the best treatment for you – this might not always be the treatment you initially thought!

    If you are interested in Anti wrinkle injections you do have to have a pre consultation with the prescriber. During this we will discuss your medical history and any medication you are on to check you are safe to have the treatment.

    There is a £35 deposit paid for the Anti wrinkle pre consultation with the prescriber which comes off the treatment price, but all other consultations are free.

  • Will I swell or bruise with lip filler

    Yes especially after lip filler and fat dissolving injections. For Lip Filler the swelling normal starts straight away and gets worse over the next 24 hours.These symptoms normally take 3-4 days to settle down but the treatment area won’t be fully healed for 14 days, only then will you see the final results.

    Fat dissolving injection sites will be sore straight after the treatment and swelling and bruising can last 3-4 weeks. You will see the final results after 6 weeks.

  • Do I need to be over 18?

    Yes! And parent permission for under 18s is not accepted unfortunately.

  • Sharing a filler syringe

    This is a big NO NO. And if any clinic does say you can share a syringe with a friend please do not book a treatment with them. This is not because we are trying to make money. This is because blood and disease can go up into the syringe while injecting and then this can be transmitted to someone els when used on them, even if the needle is changed.

    Choose your clinic wisely. Cheap is not always best and corners could be getting cut!

  • Can lip filler look natural?

    YES! Gone are the days when it was always noticeable when people had had fillers. We use techniques now that mean you can have filler and no one will know, they will just comment on how juicy and amazing your lips are looking!

    Our goal is natural, plump and juicy! Fake big lips take a lot of filler to get to and we will not let you get to that!

  • Are fillers dangerous

    Having Fillers in any part of your face can lead to complications. HOWEVER if your injector is fully qualified and experienced they should know how to inject safety and therefore these complications should be rare.

    At R.L.J Aesthetics your injector is a fully qualified nurse. Rose still works full time in the NHS and she has done her advanced training in Dermal Fillers. She is also a full member of the ACE group so she has regular up to date training on complications and she has a huge amount of medical support if a complication did arise. We stock all the emergency drugs at the clinic and Rose is fully trained in using them.

    One of the most serious complications that can arise from Filler treatments is a vascular occlusion. This is when filler accidentally gets injected into a main blood vessel. This occlusion can block off the blood supply to areas around your face causing the tissue to die if left unattended. At R.L.J Aesthetics we have decided to not offer the most high risk Filler treatments such as corrective nose filler, Nose to mouth filler and frown or forehead line and wrinkle filler. For other moderate risk areas we use the advanced soft cannula technique. This means that it’s very difficult to puncture a blood vessel, reducing the risk of an occlusion. Some treatments have to still use a shapes needle but Rose applies injection methods that again help to reduce the risks!

  • Which filler brand?

    We stock a number of filler brand in the clinic. For Lip Filler the brand used is dependent on the clients current lip structure and desired out come.  We stock brands that create a more plump result as well as the natural soft filler brands. The main brands we stock include Juvederm, Restylane, Perfectha, Revolax, Saypha and Teosyal.

    For facial a Filler we always used Revolax Sub-Q

  • Allergic reactions

    With any product or food we use or put into our body there is always a risk of allergic reactions and these reactions can happen even if we have been eating and using something for years with no previous problems.

    For most of the treatments provided at R.L.J Aesthetics there is very low risk of allergic reaction. For some of the skin treatments as well as the fat dissolving treatments a skin test is advised, especially if you have previously had allergic reactions to similar products and treatments. And it might be the case that we decide not to treat you if we feel the risk is to high.

    We stock adrenaline in the clinic so we can respond to an allergic reaction quickly and efficiently if it was to occur.